All ready already!

Lesson: all ready vs. already


Though all ready and already sound alike, they have different meanings. Luckily, once you learn the rules, it is easy to know which word to use when.

All ready means “completely ready.”

For example: The kitty is all ready (completely ready) to take his nap.

Already is used to mean “previously” or to accentuate a point by meaning “so soon.”

For example: The kitty has already (previously) taken his nap.

Another example: The kitty has woken up from his nap already (so soon)? It has only been ten hours!

Now let’s test your skills with this quiz. The answers are underneath a really cute kitty photo.

1.    The kitty ate another can of mega-power-muscle-building cat food? He’s had two ______________!

2.    The kitty has put on his armor, and now he is ________________ to battle that monster.

3.    Wow! It has only been two rounds, and the kitty beat the monster __________!

Answer key: 1. already 2. all ready 3. already

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