Editorial Brain Dump #1

Here are ten things I’ve learned in my editorial adventures over the last week.

1. Foolhardy is one word.

2. Matter-of-factly is hyphenated.

3. Weeble is a product name, not just a fun word to say.

4. Scot-free, is spelled with one t, not two like “Scott-free.”

5. Amuck can either be spelled this way or as amok.

6. No-show is hyphenated.

7. Our nation’s capital is punctuated this way: Washington, D.C.

8. According to the Chicago Manual of Style, abbreviations for organizations don’t need periods if they are in all capital letters. Example: World Health Organization, WHO.

9. In Trojan Horse, both the t and h are capitalized.

10. When not emphasizing a specific time, use words instead of numerals. Example: Let’s meet around ten thirty.

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