Fewer Versus Less

Lesson: Using fewer and less in comparisons

When you break it down, figuring out whether to say fewer or less is simple. Here are the rules:

Use fewer with objects you can count.
Use less with objects you can’t count.

For example, if you have a plate of six cookies in front of you, and then you eat one, you would say, “I have fewer than six cookies on my plate.” You use fewer because you can count the cookies individually.

However, if you have a full glass of milk with your cookies, and then you drink some milk, you would say, “I have less than a full glass of milk.” You use less because milk is a mass noun, which means you can’t count it. (For a refresher on mass nouns, check out this Grammar Party post.)

However—no big surprise here—there is an exception to this rule. When you’re talking about time, money, or distance, use less, even though you can count their specific units.

For example, if you started off with fifty dollars, but then you spent some, you’d say, “I have less than fifty dollars now.”

Likewise, if you started watching a one-hour television show, then your friend asks you fifteen minutes later when it will be over, you would say, “The show will end in less than one hour.”

To test your skills, fill in the blank with less or fewer. The answers are at the bottom.

1. There is ____ than one mile left on the jogging route.
2. Shelley is a smart kid. She got no _____ than four As on her report card.
3. The world would be a better place if _____ violence existed.
4. After that shopping spree, Shelley has _____ than twenty dollars left.
5. _____ than five people finished the hot dog eating contest.

Answers: 1. less 2. fewer 3. less 4. less 5. fewer


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