Aussie Slang from Beyond the Trail

In April two of my dearest friends, Rob and Debra, quit their jobs, sold their house, and left everything behind for a  year of adventures traveling the globe. To stave off my jealousy (I mean, isn’t that everyone’s dream?), I made them promise to send me field reports about neat slang and other language tid bits they learn along the way. Their first report is from Australia, where they have spent a month working on a tea tree oil farm and traveling in an RV to some pretty amazing places. Below are some slang words and phrases they’ve encountered (probably while putting some shrimp on the barbie).

goon: boxed wine
How’s are ya: How are you?
pokies: slot machines
That’s all right: You’re welcome.
windscreen: windshield

They also report that when you ask if someone has the time, the common reply is, “yes.” Then you have to ask again for what the time actually is. To which Debra comments, “smart asses.”

Rob and Debra are tracking their journey on a great blog called Beyond the Trail. Their look into local life and customs in the places they visit makes for a fun an interesting break for us nine-to-fivers in need of a virtual vacation. Check it out on your next lunch break.

More Aussie slang
Here’s a collection of other Aussie slang terms and phrases I’ve gathered from the Outback of the internets.

arvo: afternoon
banana bender: a person from Queensland
bash somebody’s ear: to talk at great length
big red : a large male kangaroo
blowie: a large blow fly
chewie: chewing gum
chook: a chicken
clucky: to feel motherly
dill: a stupid person
dinky-di: a genuine thing
do one’s lolly : to have an angry outburst
earbash: constant chatter
exy: very expensive
feral: a rumor
googie: an egg
hard yakker: hard work
in the nick: to be in jail
jumbuck: a sheep
jumping bulljoe: an aggressive orange and black ant that hops
kark it: to die
like a stunned mullet: to be inactive, lazy
liquid laugh: vomit
mad as a cut snak : an insane person
mozzie: mosquito
mystery bag: a sausage
nark: to annoy or upset someone
Never Never: the far Outback
nicki noo: naked
off your tucker: to lose your appetite
pie eater: a resident of South Australia
plonk: really cheap wine
pommy: a person from England
prang: a motor vehicle accident or collision.
rip snorter: terrific
sandshoes: tennis shoes
scratchy: instant lottery ticket
Sheila: a woman
stonkered: to be absolutely drunk
sunnies: sunglasses
ta!: thank you
tucker: food
up a gum tree: in trouble or confused
wacker: a crazy person
wally: a stupid person
whinger: a person who constantly complains
wog: the flu
wowser: a party pooper
yobbo: a crazy person
ziff: a man’s beard

4 thoughts on “Aussie Slang from Beyond the Trail

  1. Aussies (or “Australians” as you call them) do love to drop the end off a word and add “-ies”. Christmas presents are Chrissie pressies, swimming costumes are cossies, etc. Some of the slang you’ve listed is a tad out-dated though – and some is terribly cliche and only used in random and bogan parts of the Aussie world. I am partial to roast veggies and a coldie though.


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