Check out Grumble Party!

Dear all word nerds, grammar sticklers, owners of multiple dictionaries, and other language freaks,

Ever feel like no one understands why you get hot under the collar when you hear someone say “between you and I”? Do you feel like you have no one to talk to about the way run-on sentences outrage you?

Now you have a place to vent, and it’s called Grumble Party!

I made a new page (See it at the top of the screen?) that’s just the place for you to vent. Go ahead and use the comments section to get your biggest grammar gripes off of your chest. I won’t even mind if you use multiple exclamation points.


3 thoughts on “Check out Grumble Party!

  1. Oh, you hit the right button! I know we’re supposed to be descriptive, not prescriptive, but I wrote an essay called “Save Me,” which bemoans the loss of the object pronoun. It’s not just “between you and I” any more. There seems to be a new rule that after “and” or “or” “me” becomes “I.” People think they’re being so correct when they say, “Give it to Jim or I” and “Thanks for inviting Dave and I.” Eeeek! It’s like fingernails scraping a blackboard (if anyone remembers blackboards) when I hear constructions like that.

    • I hear you on that one. I’ve heard “between you and I” in movies, on news shows, everywhere where they should know better.

      My goal is for people to use the Grumble Party page to vent these kind of issues. (It’s a place where grammar snobs can be grammar snobs and feel welcomed and accepted.) I hope you feel free to use it. My hope is that people can just start commenting on the page and we can start conversations that way. A sort of group therapy for word nerd types.

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