Science Fiction Language Translators

The image above shows how Grammar Party looks in Gallifreyan. Gallifreyan is–OF COURSE–the language of the planet Gallifrey, spoken by the race of beings known as Time Lords, of which The Doctor of Doctor Who is the last known in existence.

It’s rather beautiful, isn’t it? Sometimes I wonder if I were to get a tattoo what it would be. Currently, I’m thinking perhaps something in Gallifreyan–because it is so lovely, and, well, because I’m a huge science fiction nerd.

Today I’m bringing to you a collection of online nerd language translators you can use for a bit of fun on your lunch hour, or any hour, if you like.



You have to download this one. I downloaded it last week and have used it a bunch and have found no problems with it. It’s not going to override your files with Dalek programming. Go ahead. Type in fish fingers and custard. You know you want to.



This site translates English into your choice of Star Trek languages: Klingon, Vulcan, or Romulan. I’ve noticed that it translates into Klingon better, perhaps because the vocabulary of that language has been more fleshed out.

R2D2 beeps and boops


This translator caps off at thirty characters, but it also reads the text for you and translates the symbols into R2’s robotic language. And a beep-beep-boop to you!

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6 thoughts on “Science Fiction Language Translators

  1. actually the image above the article only says “grammar”, lacking the word “party”. the translator you used may only translate one word at a time.


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