Angle vs. angel

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angle: the figure formed by two lines extending from the same point; the precise viewpoint from which something is observed or considered <a camera angle>

angel: a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence

These two words are easy to misspell because they look the same except for the arrangement of the last two letters. Angle, the kind from geometry class, is spelled with an le at the end. Angel, the kind from Sunday school class, is spelled with an el at the end.

I came up with a mnemonic device to help you remember which is which. Think: wrangle that angle. Wrangle is also spelled with an le at the end, so thinking this should remind you that angle is also spelled with an le at the end. I’m imagining a cowboy lassoing an acute angle out on the range.

Fill in the blanks with either angle or angel. The answers are at the bottom.

1. Fritz failed his math test because he couldn’t remember the difference between an acute and an obtuse _______.
2. People though Miriam was crazy because she said she saw a glowing _______ above her bed.
3. The _______ was a mess. His white robe looked nice, but he needed some gel in his hair.
4. From his _______, the zombie didn’t seem so scary.
5. The salesperson was smart. He knew the right _______ to take to get the housewife to buy the deluxe Tupperware.

1. angle 2. angel 3. angel 4. angle 5. angle

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