Happy birthday, Grammar Party!

Grammar Party turned two years old today. It has spent the last year like most small human children. There was lots of mess making, putting things in its mouth that didn’t belong, and random tantrums followed by crying jags. Along the way, it managed to write some posts about grammar. Here is a selection of the most popular posts from year 2:

Business jargon to avoid (so you don’t sound like a douche) 

Murder, fluther, cluster, and peep: fun collective nouns for animals

How English sounds to everyone else 

Squeezing blackheads out of kitty’s face

Blond vs. blonde

Hanged vs. hung

Number vs. amount

180? 360? Where are we again?

Capitalizing titles of works

Thanks in advance for the probably millions of birthday wishes Grammar Party will receive. It would like to thank each of you personally, but it is late for a confrontation with its mother–something about it not wanting to take a nap.

7 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Grammar Party!

  1. Congratulations 🙂 to one of my favourite blogs. Consistantly well written, fascinating and a pleasant surprise in my inbox! Oddly enough, my own blog is also two this week – we are having a party in London to celebrate and will raise a glass to you. Here’s to the next few years.


  2. Thanks Erin! And remember. “Don’t utilize the word utilize. Use the word use.” Which is how I found you in the first place (in the beginning, the first time, initially ?)


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