Does Trump Really Say “Bigly”? Is That Even a Word?


At the recent presidential debate, it seemed as if Republican nominee Donald Trump said “bigly” when he responded to his rival:

“I’m going to cut taxes bigly and you’re going to raise taxes bigly. End of story.”

Some people (like those brainiacs at Merriam-Webster) insist that what Mr. Trump really said was “big league.” But I’m not so sure. . . .

Slate made a video compilation of “bigly/big league” instances from the campaign trail.

And here’s another episode caught on video:

What do you think he says?

Okay, let’s assume he did say “bigly.” Is that even a word?
Yes. “Bigly” is a word. It’s the adverbial form of “big.” It’s like “large” and “largely” and “huge” and “hugely.” (Whoops. I mean “yuuuuge.”) So why is it that we giggle at the thought of him saying “bigly”? Perhaps it’s because we’re not as used to hearing “bigly” as we are its cohorts. That’s my guess anyway.

Still, even though it is technically correct, I wouldn’t recommend using it at your next quarterly sales report presentation, unless you want people staring bigly at you.


2 thoughts on “Does Trump Really Say “Bigly”? Is That Even a Word?

  1. I don’t care what you say about bigly, it is slang and poor grammar, even here bigly is under lined as wrong, no meaning, misspelled, proper is big, bigger, large, huge massive and other adjectives but bigly is not recognized as proper grammar, note, my old English teacher would correct us, Missouri is pronounced mizzouri, said she it is wrong, Arkansas is pronounced Arkansaw in the state that is, in the state of Kansas, a city there is Arkansas City, correctly but not Arkansaw City (Ark_kan_sas), so my old teacher would tell you bigly is not even a word cheers

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