Dangerous typos spell check misses

We’ve all been there. You’re in a rush. The files are piling up on your desk. And you only have ten minutes to tackle your bursting email inbox.

Take the extra thirty seconds to reread your message (or your report or whatever you’re working on). It’s worth it.

We all know spell check misses words like two/to/too and it’s/its. But it gets worse. With a slip of the finger, your writing can go from effective to disastrous.

Take a look at these dangerous typos spell check misses.

a dress when you mean address
Example: Please send his a dress with the order form.

ass when you mean add
Example: Ass the numbers in column A.

bowel when you mean bowl
Example: I want to try a bowel of curry soup at the new Thai place tonight.

ballet when you mean ballot
Example: Next week, millions of citizens will be heading to the ballet box.

blows when you mean glows
Example: Since she got pregnant, she really blows.

busty when you mean busy
Example: Can I take a rain check? I’m really busty today.

cunt when you mean count
Example: Do you have an official cunt of the RSVPs?

damn when you mean dam
Example: There was a three-car pileup near the damn.

dick when you mean deck
Example: This gorgeous condo comes complete with a huge dick.

fat when you mean fast
Example: I am a fat learner.

fart when you mean fast
Example: I am a fart learner.

feel when you mean flee
Example: Thankfully, she was able to feel the predator.

gun when you mean gum
Example: Could you pick me up some gun on your way to the post office?

in piece when you mean in peace
Example: May grandma rest in piece.

previous when you mean precious
Example: My previous boyfriend made me so happy.

pubic when you mean public
Example: Next, the pubic defender gave his closing remarks.

rape when you mean reap
Example: Like the old adage says, “You rape what you sow.”

satan when you mean satin
Example: With your coupon, you can get ten percent off this lovely satan dress!

slut when you mean shut
Example: Teach your children to slut and lock the door.

stalking when you mean talking
Example: I was stalking to John yesterday.

tear when you mean year
Example: They will make changes at the end of the fiscal tear.

Untied States when you mean United States
Example: The Untied States spread the Occupy Wall Street movement to the globe.

whore when you mean where
Example: You want me to leave it whore?

And sometimes typos just sneak through
Huffington Post published a hilarious collection of typos that made it into newspapers. Laugh. Cry. Relish in others’ failure. But take it as a lesson that the extra moments rereading your writing are important.

5 thoughts on “Dangerous typos spell check misses

  1. As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed the English language changing in certain ways. For example, for almost all my life people used “down” as a negative. “Down with the king!” “She’s down on people who always arrive late.” Only two years ago did I begin to hear things like “I’m down with that,” which has a positive meaning. I mention that because twice recently I’ve run across the expression “relish in,” the second time being in your post. For me, “relish” has always been a transitive verb. I think that, following the pattern of “revel in,” some people have started saying “relish in.” And, speaking with relish, the etymologist in me points out that the word comes from Old French “relaissier,” literally ‘to leave behind,’ from the notion that a relish leaves behind a taste in a person’s mouth.


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